My Life Intentions as I Approach 40–What are Some of Yours?

It’s never to early to begin thinking about our life intentions, as they help to color our lives like a beautiful sky. Who are we? What do we wish to become? How do we wish to live? As I approach age 40, and the end of the year, I decided to draft and share a list of mine–partially to help me reflect on them a bit more, but also in hopes that they may inspire others.

The new year is a great time to consider your intentions as well. It’s a slightly different approach than making new year’s resolutions. Feel free to share some of them in the comments.

There’s a bit of overlap in some of mine, and I’m sure I’ve left many out, but it’s a continual work in progress!

I strive to discern between emotions driven by true intuition and love, versus those driven by fear.

I have gratitude that may basic needs are already met, and faith that they will continue to be.

When feeling tender and vulnerable, I move toward those I love and request what I need, rather than backing away.

I do not judge myself or others for their pasts, but rather do my best to know, appreciate, and understand who we are now.

I start by assuming positive intent.

I embrace the potential of money and other forms of wealth, as means to other ends.

I seek first to understand, then to be understood.

I fully embrace and relax into life energies like spirituality and sexuality, both within myself and within those closest to me.

I do not adopt a victim stance, but have the humility to apologize for where I may have wronged others, and to consider what I can do better.

Rather than complaining or mulling over things that have happened in the past, I do my best to reframe what I’ve learned into a vision for the future.

I love as generously and fully as possible while also maintaining my sense of self and allowing others theirs.

I seek to remember and embody my true essence, and strive to help others do the same.

I express as much gratitude as possible, and strive to maintain a sense of “enoughness.”

I have the courage to recognize circumstances where working through fear will lead to greater love, and to continue to show up in such challenging situations.

I recognize where it’s necessary to let go of one thing in order to embrace another.

I recognize that being as honest with myself and others as possible is one of the most loving acts.

I can remain grounded and connected even when many things with which I previously defined my identity are now gone.

I trust and respect myself and those closest to me to be honest in the moment, and to not hold onto things that will impact energy between others and me over time.

I am able to love and connect refreshed each day, in light of new situations and circumstances. I remind myself that I, and others around me, are changing and growing.

I accept and embrace change, recognizing that it is always occurring at different levels.

When someone else triggers me, I am able to discern between when they actually pose a danger versus when there’s something I need to explore more deeply with myself—or both.

I balance work and fun in a way that is deeply rewarding.

I am able to minimize dichotomized thinking, and able to see things as “both/and” rather than “either/or.”

I am able to show strength through gentleness, while caring for both myself and others around me.

I seek connections that allow me to let down my facades, while encouraging others to do the same.

I risk allowing my heart to be broken open, in small and large ways.

I strive to cultivate both masculine and feminine energies, and will also seek to honor and express both the “tamer” and “wilder” sides of my masculinity.

I strive to honor the full range of expression of others around me, while also voicing when something compromises who I authentically am.

I seek opportunities to utilize my strengths, and don’t hesitate to say “no” where I know it’s better to say “yes” somewhere else.

When faced with difficult decisions, I continue to ask, “What would love do next?” and “What is the most loving approach for all involved?”

I make efforts to surrender and listen to the wisdom of God/Goddess, the Universe, Source, the shared subconscious, or whatever one wishes to call it.

I am driven by a desire for creative, loving life rather than by fear of death and mortality.

I strive to create a meaningful life while also finding meaning and connection in the smaller day-to-day elements of living.

I recognize that I am connected to everyone and everything else.

I experience abundance in live, time, energy, and money.

I am comfortable experiencing and navigating a range of emotions at one time, including happiness and sadness.

I thankfully appreciate and embrace elements of my past while also living fully in the present.

I courageously utilize my greatest gifts.

Dave welcomes phone-based life, career, and transition coaching clients from around the world.

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