Beyond Binary Beliefs

Do you sometimes feel like the world is going crazy? Would you like more sanity and peace of mind in your day-to-day activities, work, and personal relationships? 

Passionate irrationality, on a societal scale, can be as dangerous as a nuclear bomb or global warming.

One of the most powerful and pervasive forces is binary thinking. It is also called dichotomous, polarized, or dualistic thinking.

Due to the massive energy it can create, it can be very mobilizing or highly destructive. If we don’t develop a deeper collective awareness of it, we may soon destroy ourselves.

But there is hope.

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Awaken from Polarization & Discover a Richer Reality

In today’s world, it can seem that we’re fighting battles on a broad range of issues. But many of our conflicts are more related than we realize. They often stem from the same psychological processes, which we simply transfer from one issue to another.

The real battlefield is within our minds.

We often believe that we understand ourselves much better than we really do. We often believe that we’re more rational and in control than we really are.

Change begins with you understanding yourself better, and then helping others to do the same. You can begin to awaken from polarization. You can begin to discover a richer reality.

The knowledge in this 48-page ebook is intended to provide you with both power and greater peace of mind.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: A Powerful Force

What Is Binary or Dichotomous Thinking?

Binary Battle Examples: Race, Politics, Waffles, Doughnuts, & Fracking

9 Reasons Why Binary Thinking Is Pervasive & Seductive

20 Benefits of Looking Beyond Binary Thinking

16 Ways to Reduce Binary Thinking


Next Steps