Global Events

We have occasionally catalyzed online events that allow you to participate no matter where you live, and to take part in a larger cause. All but the waffle party are currently on hiatus, but could be revived if there’s ever enough interest. These events are generally announced via Dave’s blog and the Wheitner Authentic Living Facebook page, while information on the waffle party is at Below are a few examples. Feel free to join us!

Awesome Day!

awesome day logo

A day for sharing a broad range of appreciations with friends and loved ones. AWESOME = Appreciative, Warm Expressions of Specific Observations of Magnificent Excellence. (February 15)

Weekend of Authentic Connection


On one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, take time out to connect with those around you. The first year, we enjoyed a collaboration with the fun folks at the Happiness Sprinkling Project. (Friday after Thanksgiving)

Global Vegan Waffle Party

Global Vegan Waffle Party logo square

What creative toppings will your guests bring? How many can you put on a waffle at once? (May-June)

Global Snuggle Party

global snuggle party logo

Increase platonic physical affection in your life, make new friends, and deepen existing friendships. (on or near Winter Solstice)