General Snuggle Resources

Snuggly & Cuddly Websites

The resources below include additional information and tools on snuggling, cuddling, and touch in general. Many are listed in The Snuggle Party Guidebook.

Abundance Company

Vitamin T co-authors Bob Czimbal and Maggie Zadikov, along with select colleagues, offer books, speaking engagements, and consulting on touch positivity and related topics. You can purchase A Guide to Healthy Touch: Vitamin T through their site or through Amazon (limited quantities available at the latter).

Cuddle Comfort

Site designed for locating other nearby touch-positive individuals interested in cuddling. Allows user to create and search profiles with a range of personal characteristics, send messages, and participate in discussion forums.

Cuddle Party

Provides paid training for becoming an event facilitator, and also includes information on events hosted by facilitators trained in their model.

Envision Arts Studio (Website not active as of early 2020.)

Amy Baker, an art therapist and co-coordinator of Oregon touch, offers workshops and information on touch-positive games, and other approaches blending fun and creativity with self discovery.

Loving Community (Website not active as of early 2020.)

Author and Oregon Touch co-coordinator Kristen Reynolds provides a range of thoughts on human relationships. The “Nurturing Touch” link on her site includes a description of her snuggle events, and many of her posts include her snuggly animal sketches.

Snuggle Central (formerly The Spoon Drawer: Physical Touch Community)

Posts and discussion topics include snuggle events, cuddle-related groups, businesses, and informational resources.

Fast Lane Productions (2015, 2020 anticipated). Cuddle and Cuddle Me Documentaries

Covers a range of perspectives regarding cuddle-related events and businesses. The film maker traveled around the U.S. to interview people who have become involved in snuggling in a variety of ways.

Flying Point Moving Pictures (2013). Touch

This 10-minute video includes footage and interviews from a snuggle event, a free hugs demonstration, and touch-positive dance. It also includes opinions on the benefits of touch and snuggling from several snuggle veterans.

Kaleidoscope Community Yoga

This form of yoga incorporates a significant amount of touch and teamwork with other participants, so it’s another way to become accustomed to having more touch in your life. The site includes information on a guidebook for those who wish to start a group in their area.

Oregon Touch and SnuggleHQ

Online groups devoted to snuggle events and similar activities, mainly in the Portland, Oregon area. Facilitators offer a range of events aimed at a range of audiences, spanning from beginners to experienced snugglers.

 “Touch Made Simple” Graphic

Detailed graphic by Tate Sprite offers another model for organizing the spectrum of human touch, incorporating different functions, types of connection, and levels of intimacy.

Tribal Love Network (Website not active as of early 2020.)

Social networking and event planning site that provides a range of resources for heart-conscious, touch-positive events and interaction. Facilitator resources include educational documents and group/event management tools. Attendee resources include the ability to create and search profiles with a range of personal characteristics, send messages, and participate in discussion forums.

Snuggle, Cuddle, & Touch Books

Beyond Cuddle Party: How Pajamas, Human Connection, and 11 Rules Can Change Your Life

The Cuddle Sutra: An Unabashed Celebration of the Ultimate Intimacy

Touch: The Power of Human Connection

A Guide to Healthy Touch: Vitamin T

The Snuggle Party Guidebook

Professional Snuggling & Cuddling Businesses

Perhaps you’re not quite ready to throw your own cuddle or snuggle party, but still want to try out snuggling as soon as possible. Here are a few services where you can pay per hour to have someone snuggle with you. They use a range of terms, including snuggle partner, cuddle partner, snuggle therapy, cuddle therapy, and touch therapy.

We’re unable to maintain a complete and updated list here, as new services are probably cropping up frequently. But hopefully this will get you started. A listing here does not constitute an endorsement of quality or safety; it’s important to do your own research before hiring someone.

Cuddle Up to Me in Portland, OR

The Snuggle Buddies, covering several states in the northeastern U.S.

The Snuggery in Rochester, NY

Cuddlist: online service connecting people seeking cuddling with professional cuddlers

Note: The above book links are affiliate links. Purchases made through them help to support the work of this site at no additional cost to you.