The Snuggle Party Guidebook

drawing of people snuggling and cuddling

Imagine a life where…

Nourishing, platonic physical affection is readily available.

You resonate with friends on a deeper heartfelt level.

Hopefully this will one day be available to everyone.

You can enjoy this revolution now.

Snuggle events changed Dave Wheitner’s life. During a challenging time, he found support among a long-established community of cuddling experts.

No one had written down their collective wisdom to share with the world. With their help, he created this award-winning resource.

Enter The Snuggle Party Guidebook. Whether you just want more physical affection or wish to become a professional cuddler, you’ll find valuable information.

(Get downloadable tools if you already have the book.)

In just a few weeks, you can be hosting platonic touch-positive events, enjoying warmer friendships, and creating a supportive tribe.

A Wealth of Snuggle Secrets

The Snuggle Party Guidebook gives you many valuable tools:

  • activities and guidance for communicating boundaries around touch, and for establishing consent around physical intimacy
  • tips for addressing sexuality, gender, couples/dating, and cultural diversity
  • concepts and resources also relevant to one-on-one snuggling, cuddle coaching or consulting, and snuggle therapy, should you choose to branch out in other directions
  • ways platonic snuggling can complement and enhance romantic relationships
  • tips on how to recruit other snugglers and create your own touch-positive tribe, even if you’re shy
  • 25 fun touch-positive games and activities to introduce others to snuggling and cuddling, co-authored with Amy Baker of Envision Arts Studio
  • ideas and tools for creating a safe, comfortable snuggling environment
  • pointers on self-care and getting support, such as money and volunteers
  • strategies for managing even some of the less common dynamics of snuggle parties and cuddle events

2015 Indie Book Awards Finalist, Relationships

More Total Awesomeness

  • Also included are a groovy foreword by LoveTribe founder Jas Davis and the delightfully snuggly animal sketches of Kristen Reynolds.
  • And plenty of cuddly animal photos. It may make you want to jump into a puppy pile right off the bat!

Get your snuggle on!

Praise for The Snuggle Party Guidebook

Far more than an excellent and thorough guidebook. It is an inspirational work that opens delightful pathways to intimacy with oneself and others. I loved how it offers healing from limiting stereotypical gender roles, and the accompanying photos always brought a smile to my face. Don’t miss this book!

Karla Baur, M.S.W.
sex therapist and co-author of Our Sexuality, the most widely adopted college sexuality textbook in the U.S.

Want more friendly nurturing touch in your life? Dave’s book can show you how to get started – and Dave, can I come to one of your snuggle parties?

As a Professional Cuddler, I am so proud of the concepts of non-sexual touch in this book. With the tools here, anyone can master touch and improve their life in a simple but profound way.

An easy to use guidebook on how to run snuggle events as well as a gentle description of the importance of touch for all of us. I recommend it highly!

I’m convinced that our culture’s explosion of addiction is directly tied to a massive shortage of opportunities for consensual and loving touch. Snuggle Party is simply code for pop-up clinic for the soul.

Buster Ross
Buster Ross, M.A.
AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor

 Yes, I’d love more connection.

The Snuggle Party Guidebook

Even More Praise from Readers

Here’s the word from the streets on The Snuggle Party Guidebook.

I believe this book is on the leading edge of a quiet revolution in how people relate to one another.

– K.A. Klepper

I was struck by how simple the author makes it all, laying out all the planning details in easy to follow ways. I would highly recommend this book if you or anyone you know is looking for ways to connect more deeply with your friends.

– A. Crockett

Exactly what I needed! I’ve heard of this concept, and wanted to start something up in my area. The perfect step-by-step guide to creating a healthy and safe environment for adding more touch into our lives. An easy read, interspersed with humor and cute drawings, and flows nicely.

– “Jaye”

It thoroughly covers the issues over which I had overt or subconscious concerns. I especially appreciated the section on consent, which offered me vocabulary for knowing what I want and how to get just that. Absolutely 5 stars.

– Anna Reedy

The practices and way of being that are presented in this book…have impacted my life greatly and helped to open me to connection and courage.

– F. Joseph Von Hoven

Your book has been a thoroughly helpful resource to me. It’s allowed me to bring the life-changing experience of snuggle parties to my friends…even when my own experience with attending them was limited. Through these parties, I have turned so many sustained acquaintanceships into friendships…in a way that we could never achieve through any other form of social interaction. I can’t thank you enough…I’m eager for everyone to have the opportunity to experience what I have.

– Fei Wyatt

I want to enjoy more nourishing touch.

The Snuggle Party Guidebook

Team Bios

Learn more about some of the groovy people who influenced and contributed to The Snuggle Party Guidebook.

Dave Wheitner
Dave Wheitner
Dave Wheitner

Dave is the author of The Snuggle Party Guidebook. You can connect with him through the contact form on this site, or through the Wheitner Authentic Living page on Facebook.

Dave guides others to create happier and more powerful lives through his strategic life coaching practice. An avid observer of human behavior and social interaction, he holds a degree in psychology from Yale University, an M.A. in Community Counseling from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, an M.S. in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, and life coaching certification.

Alongside participating in various workshops and trainings on awareness, authenticity, sensuality, sexuality, and personal growth, he has worked on a number of projects related to social, ecological, and economic sustainability, and health and well-being.

Dave has created and co-facilitated snuggles with Oregon Touch (which later become Conscious Touch NW), and appears in the short documentary Touch, along with some of his music compositions. An award-winning author, his prior works include Naked Idealism, an empowerment guide for socially conscious and outside-the-box people; The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook, with tips on food-related social events; and The Vegan Chocolate Seduction Cookbook, which blends food and sensuality. His sensual poetry appears in the anthology Ecosexuality: Notes for an Orgasmic Earth, and some of his music includes social change messages.

Through 15 years of co-hosting events that developed into, a celebration of conscious eating, Dave gained an appreciation for parties as social change tools. He then discovered snuggle parties during a challenging period of life transition, and experienced their life-changing impacts. He is excited to share this knowledge with others.

Amy Baker
Amy “Taj” Baker

Amy-Liana “Taj” Baker adapted and contributed a number of the touch-positive, connective games that appear in the book.

Amy is an art therapist, writer, and artist. Her current project and passion is a website and virtual community dedicated to blending creativity, collaborative play, and mindfulness practices to support each person’s unique path of recovery, healing, and growth.

Amy received her Master of Arts in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy from Naropa University. She is also a breathwork coach, and has studied body-centered practices including Hakomi and Focusing.

Amy has facilitated expressive arts playshops in Portland, Oregon, offering a range of creative and interactive workshops through her Envision Arts Studio. She has served as a co-organizer of Oregon Touch (later Conscious Touch NW).

Bob Czimbal
Bob Czimbal

Bob and Maggie Zadikov co-authored Vitamin T: A Guide to Healthy Touch, one of the earlier works to bring knowledge on nourishing touch to the general public.

Bob is known nationally and internationally for his dynamic presentations to conferences, corporations, small businesses, universities, hospitals, government agencies and schools. Having spoken before groups of 20 to 2,000, he offers keynotes, seminars and retreats. His presentation style is a blend of information, stories, skill-building activities, group discussions, interactive exercises, and action plans. Bob delivers a universal, lighthearted message about health, happiness and success.

Committed to love as a spiritual path, Bob and Maggie have been friends, lovers, and spouses since 1981. They are ministers of the nonprofit organization Grace and officiate ceremonies and celebrations. Their circle of kindred spirits acknowledges them as experts on the subject of love and relationships.

Information on Bob and Maggie’s books and work, including interactive workshops on touch-related topics, is at

Jas Davis
James "Jas" Davis
James “Jas” Davis

Jas authored the foreword for the book. He is the founder of LoveTribe, which catalyzed the first known formally organized snuggle parties in the U.S., and spearheaded a range of other touch-positive events.

LoveTribe’s leaders later formed an organization called LoveGuild, to organize touch-positive and heart-centered events, and to connect with others interested in such events. The organization operates under an innovative member-owned cooperative model.

Jas has studied Hakomi, a body-oriented therapy. He co-founded a group called Organic Relating, offering exercises that experientially teach about relationship development for friends and partners. He has been creating events in the realms of organic relating and somatic resourcing for over 10 years.

Ashley (Jack) Ohana
Ashley "jack" Ohana
Ashley “jack” Ohana

Along with Stara Shakti, Jack co-founded Touch Positive Oregon (later evolved into Oregon Touch and Conscious Touch NW under new organizers), the group that largely inspired this book.

In addition to her history organizing touch-positive groups and events, Jack is a screenwriter in Hollywood. She is working on a number of feature-length projects with her manager in Los Angeles, as well as collaborating with other filmmakers in a production company, Fistful of Fools Films. Her first short film was “Puja,” a humorous exploration of cultural appropriation.

Kristen Reynolds
Kristen Reynolds
Kristen Reynolds

Kristen created the snuggly animal sketches that appear throughout the book, and inspired Dave to become even more involved in snuggles.

She has a BA in Painting and has been a cartoonist for thirty years. As an avid environmentalist, she attended many meetings and became concerned about the difficulty people had in communicating and resolving conflicts.

In 2007, she discovered Nonviolent Communication and began teaching it to environmental, church, and intentional community groups in Roanoke, Virginia. She has also explored other communication modalities that might help people work and play together with more harmony.

In 2011, Kristen moved to Portland, Oregon and discovered their thriving touch positive community. She observed how touch quickly bonded people and lowered anxiety within a community. She began hosting snuggle events and, in 2013, became the lead organizer for the group that later evolved into Conscious Touch NW. It promotes non-sexual touch between adults in Portland, Oregon.

For several years, Kristen wrote about how to form stable, cooperative relationships within community at a blog entitled “Loving Community.”

Stara Shakti
Stara Shakti
Stara Shakti

Stara Shakti enthusiastically introduced Dave to the Portland snuggling scene, leading to a range of connections that catalyzed the book.

A healer and life coach, Stara works with clients individually and facilitates classes, workshops, and events. She has led groups on The Artist’s Way, women’s empowerment, boundaries, and more.

Stara found like-minded community in LoveTribe, where she organized snuggle parties and other events. Along with Ashley “Jack” Ohana, Stara co-founded Touch Positive Oregon (which, under other organizers, later evolved into Oregon Touch and Conscious Touch NW). As a facilitator, Stara creates strong, safe containers for healing and transformation to occur.

After leaving Portland, Stara completed training to be a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). She is also an expert at preparing kale in a variety of ways.

Maggie Zadikov
Maggie Zadikov
Maggie Zadikov

Maggie, with Bob Czimbal,  has co-authored several books including Vitamin T: A Guide to Healthy Touch and Kindred Spirits: The Quest for Love and Friendship.

Maggie holds Masters degrees in Education as well as Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She has been involved with the Wellness movement since 1982, when she teamed up with Bob Czimbal, personally and professionally.

She has been a Licensed Acupuncturist since 1994 and has a private practice in her home sanctuary. She also provides acupuncture at Mary’s Woods, a senior retirement community. Maggie is skilled at creating an atmosphere of nurturance and trust within which patients can take increasing responsibility for health and well-being.

Maggie has been a dancer since the age of 5. She is currently in a tribal belly dance troupe, the Dalai Mamas, which is dedicated to fundraising for international women’s micro-lending organizations. She also loves ecstatic dance.

Information on Bob and Maggie’s books and work is at