The Vegan Chocolate Seduction Cookbook

Dave's vegan brownies from Vegan Chocolate Seduction

Oooooh, yeeeeeah.

You know you want it.

Pamper your mouth and body with 30 dark, decadent vegan chocolate recipes, 26 also gluten-free. Experience 30 accompanying “seduction activities” for connecting with your partner in a sexy, romantic, sensual, emotionally intimate, or playful way–often while eating your dessert.

Enjoy vegan cookies, mug cake, ice cream, drinks, and rich no-bake desserts, with deliciously flirtatious names like Curry Up and Kiss Me Squares and Soft Wet Kisses.

Choose from four delicious vegan brownie recipes, each one sure to have your lover or your guests om-noming and thanking you. Several are also gluten-free: Chocolate Chai Me Up Brownies, Lemon Ginger Chocolate Teasers, and Gluten-Free Cupid’s Arrow Brownies.

Experience the excitement of cocoa in combination with several of its soul mates, including warm ginger, classic peanut butter, and blackstrap molasses.

Chocolate touches you at your core, warming the body, mind, and soul in profound ways. This dark, rich ingredient seduces the senses of taste and smell. It can heighten your awareness and elevate your mood. It is even a natural aphrodisiac. Chocolate is often shared as an expression of love, passion, and romance.

And because the chocolate recipes in this cookbook are all free of animal-derived products, you’ll be making love in more ways than one!

If the fastest path to the heart is through the stomach, then chocolate is one of the most powerful vehicles for traveling that path.

Let The Vegan Chocolate Seduction Cookbook be your guide.

Dark, Delicious Chocolate

Don’t resist this beautifully seductive face.

Make your tastebuds ecstatic today.

Note: Feeding chocolate to dogs may be hazardous to their health; model was selected for entertainment, cuteness, and skillful persuasion purposes only. Please consume your chocolate desserts responsibly.