Album: Love More Visibly

Love More Visibly is a sacred electronic fusion album. Its music includes powerful messages about our existence. Infectious bass and beats, vocoded melodies, and energetic synth lines draw from diverse styles: disco, 80s dance, tropical house, dubstep, hip-hop, progressive trance, and more.

It touches on many powerful themes: bridging divides in light of differences, coping with death and difficult goodbyes, expressing spiritual and religious diversity, and spreading energy of love and kindness.

Read more about Love More Visibly and each of its tracks, including the background story spanning three decades. 

Album: I Like the Chords

I Like the Chords is an energetic electronic music album blending dancefloor-friendly EDM and pop, dubstep, synthpop, and downtempo meditative drums. As with Love More Visibly, bouncy bass lines and vocoded melodies make plenty of appearances.

Alongside brand new pieces, the album features remastered or expanded versions of a few previous works. It also includes instrumental or melody-free versions of several tracks, and an extended dance mix.

Read more about the individual tracks of I Like the Chords.

Music Videos

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SoundCloud Tunes

The sample music tracks below cover a range of styles. The SoundCloud page includes detailed descriptions and stories that accompany some of the songs.

Some of them address cultural issues. For example, “Fantasy Girl” was released with a post designed to catalyze discussion about body image, “In This Moment” was created to inspire thinking about cultural attitudes regarding sex and in-the-moment awareness, and so on.

Some pieces have pretty deep bass that may not be audible on laptop speakers. The albums above include remixed/remastered versions of some of the tracks below.

If you’d like to use a track for a DJ set, independent film, or something similar, please contact me. You can also hear excerpts from a few of my pieces (and see a cameo of me) in the short documentary “Touch,” by Flying Point Moving Pictures.

EP: Global Vegan Waffle Party, Vol. 1

Global Vegan Waffle Party, Vol. 1: The Inner Light Trilogy (March 2011) pulses with over 15 minutes of 140 bpm animated and modulated bass lines, melodic synth leads, and occasional sweeping climaxes, interspersed with vocoded social consciousness themes. It morphs from a listening feel to a club-like feel over the three tracks.

Check it out (the most detailed album description is on CDBaby):
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