Speaking & Workshops

Dave is available to speak on subjects covered in his books, and on topics including those below. He sometimes facilitates in-person or virtual events on personal growth and self-discovery.

Please contact Dave to discuss custom engagement possibilities.

Below are some of the topics on which he’s previously spoken, presented, or conducted workshops.

While no future public events are currently planned, please check back or subscribe to the occasional news and updates list for notifications.


American Mensa Annual Gathering

Pittsburgh, PA

“When Exceptional IQ Doesn’t Equal Exceptional Happiness: Issues and Options”


American Mensa Annual Gathering

Pittsburgh, PA

“Naked Idealism: Self-Empowerment for the Smart and Socially Conscious”

Based on one of Dave’s self-empowerment books.

ACES logo

Association for Counselor Education and Supervision National Conference

Pittsburgh, PA

“Fostering Healthy Leadership in an Increasingly Turbulent World: Creatively Adapting Counselor Training to Address the Challenge”


Pennsylvania Counseling Association Conference

State College, PA

“Counseling Leaders: Helping Many by Helping One”


Professional Coaching Certification Program, Duquesne University School of Leadership & Professional Advancement

Pittsburgh, PA

Panel discussion on professional life coaching


Community Counseling Graduate Program, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Monroeville, PA

Q&A session on professional life coaching for counseling graduate students


First Unitarian Church

Pittsburgh, PA

“Naked Idealism: Self-Empowerment for the Socially Conscious”


First Unitarian Church

Pittsburgh, PA

“Writer’s Salon” discussion for individuals interested in writing and publishing books

rotary club 1

Monroeville Rotary Club

Monroeville, PA

“Being, Doing, and Having, for Socially Conscious People”

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Coro Fellows in Public Affairs Leadership Program

Pittsburgh, PA

“Doing Things Nakedly: Vision-Based Creating in Personal and Public Leadership”

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Three Rivers Bioneers Conference

Pittsburgh, PA

“ZEDD UP Pittsburgh! Images and Innovative Ideas from an Ecocommunity Roadtrip”

Inspirational examples of families and communities simplifying their lives in highly innovative ways.

Venture Outdoors Logo

Venture Outdoors

Pittsburgh, PA

“Getting Naked in the Woods”

A hike through a city park with a one-hour interactive workshop on exposing life purpose. Based on Dave’s self-empowerment book, Naked Idealism.

all souls unitarian church

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church

Bellville, OH

“Bumbling Beyond Political Correctness”

Whether our cause is environmental sustainability, world peace, or social justice, our positive impact and happiness can be enhanced through honesty about our motives and attitudes. How can we move beyond doing good only because we should, and start doing good because we truly want to?


North American Vegetarian Society National Conference

Johnstown, PA

Workshops on “authentic being” and “authentic doing”


“What Do You REALLY Want for the Holidays? How to be More Emotionally, Financially and Ecologically Sustainable this Season”

Are you a “holiday overachiever,” finding yourself caught up in activities – shopping, planning, running errands, etc. – that never quite seem to bring contentment? Is it really just about the holidays, or are opportunities for bigger life improvements ahead? Whichever winter holidays you celebrate, learn ways to gain fresh perspective and get off the treadmill.

Entrepreneurial Thursdays

Pittsburgh, PA

“Entrepreneurial Writers” panel discussion