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What is a life coach?

If you don’t decide how to spend your precious time, others may decide it all for you.

That would be unfortunate, because you have a lot to share with the world. You feel a growing desire to shift. You want to step up your game. That’s where a coach comes in.

A life coach is a qualified professional who supports you in clarifying, pursuing, and achieving what is most important to you.

This may include concrete goals, and it may include ways of being and relating, as you follow your unique path to your personal summits.

I coach a range of clients. I especially enjoy working with high-potential, overachieving, and socially and ecologically conscious people.

Below is information on the following:

  • the value I strive to provide for you
  • results other clients have experienced
  • what makes your coaching experience with me unique

Coaching is an experiential process. Reserve a free discovery session to get a more complete picture after reading this page.

What can life coaching provide me with?

  • Clarification of your personal purpose, wants, values and visions
  • Support in overcoming obstacles to creating the life and legacy you desire
  • Encouragement and self-forgiveness during difficult times
  • A framework for learning from successes and setbacks
  • Guidance in utilizing strengths and recognizing developmental opportunities
  • Action and results that move you into a refreshingly new range of possibilities
  • Assistance and encouragement in brainstorming ideas and visioning
  • Reminders to reward yourself for wins large and small, and to enjoy the journey
  • Accountability for remaining true to yourself and your visions

What do others say about your coaching?

Dave has helped to motivate me to really look at my law practice and break things down…I look forward to these sessions and get a lot out of them.

– S.W., attorney, business owner, active dad to 3 young kids

In a mere 5-6 sessions, Dave helped me develop good questions to improve communication with my foster son, and he helped me reach a better work-life balance by helping me to articulate both my goals and small steps toward achieving them.

– D.M., Human Resources Director

Dave has given me a new way to approach my life and helped me to approach challenges with purpose and clarity.

– Andrew, college student

Dave is professional, knowledgeable, and truly helped me discern what matters most to me in my professional life. I highly endorse him!

– Julianne M., sales and marketing professional

My relationship with Dave has provided me with the encouragement and constructive feedback to move forward with my life, and I’m grateful for that. I have already recommended him to others.

– Craig M.

Dave had a very good way of listening and offering feedback and suggestions while still leaving me responsible for implementing them as I saw fit.

– Alan L., career shifter

What other results have your life coaching clients experienced?

  • Obtaining a job with a new employer in a different discipline
  • Enhanced networking skills
  • More time spent on hobbies and important-but-neglected activities
  • Greater balance between current college studies and long-term career pursuits, while attending a highly competitive school
  • Enhanced self-credit for wins and successes
  • Improved parenting relationship with a teenage foster child
  • Shifted strategies to avoid burnout in a challenging public leadership position, setting the stage for later advancement into desired office
  • Increased sense of possibilities
  • Acceptance and matriculation at a top-choice graduate school, clarification of personal development goals, and proactive generation of strategies to get the most out of the experience
  • Making a decision to enter a doctoral program, and doing well while juggling family responsibilities

What features make your life coaching services stand out?

I offer you the following resources and strengths:

  • A supportive, responsive, encouraging coaching style with both structure and flexibility
  • A creative, holistic approach that acknowledges your learning and doing styles
  • A consistent focus on wins–especially helpful for high achievers who are often tough on themselves
  • Knowledge from more than eight years of formal training, including a psychology degree from Yale, graduate degrees in Counseling and in Public Policy and Management, and 130+ hours of coach training

See the About Dave page for more details on my education and experience.

As my coaching client, you receive the following with any package:

  • Between-session services such as review of assessment exercises and optional brief check-in phone calls/e-mail messages
  • Access to an individual password-protected account on my online client support system, which reduces paper clutter, provides helpful features such as appointment reminders, and enables convenient access to your coaching materials whenever and wherever you need them
  • An up-front written agreement outlining the nature of our work and what to expect
  • A right to end services at any time if you’re not satisfied

How does the life coaching process work?

The primary change catalyst is our weekly phone conversations, when we review progress on what’s most important to you, explore barriers, develop any insights, build clarity on what you want, and strategize next steps toward your desired results. You set much of the agenda and pace, trying and learning new things between sessions.

My approach is largely tailored to each person’s unique wants and needs, and is a balance between structure and the flowing nature of life. It is not one-size-fits-all. That being said, the following illustration shows some components that frequently enter the picture. Coaching doesn’t always cover all of these components, and it may sometimes include others.

It’s important to understand that coaching is different from therapy. More information on this is in the Coaching FAQs.

Wheitner Authentic Living coaching elements

Click on the illustration to view a larger version of the Wheitner Authentic Living life coaching elements.

What are your packages and rates?

The most common coaching arrangement for new clients is three sessions per month for roughly 45 minutes each session, currently on a $250-$400 USD per month sliding scale.

Custom arrangements are available on a limited basis.

I encourage an initial commitment of three months. You may cancel at any time, with a refund of any remaining prepaid sessions minus a $30 administrative fee.

The monthly retainer is due at the start of each calendar month of coaching, prior to that month’s sessions. Invoices are payable online via PayPal or credit card.

How do I learn more?

Conveniently schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with my online calendar.

If none of the times work for you, just call me at 412-222-5999 or email me through the contact page for additional availability.

Plan on up to 60 minutes, and come prepared to discuss a change you wish to create in your life. I’ll coach you for part of the time and aim to help you:

  • clarify some of the things that you want (and don’t want)
  • uncover some challenges or stressors that currently stand in the way
  • gain energy to begin moving toward what you want

If it feels like a mutual fit and you’d like to hear more, I’ll describe how my services can support your specific needs. You’ll have time to ask questions. If it doesn’t feel like a mutual fit, I’ll do my best to suggest other possible resources.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Yes, I’d like a free discovery session!

I look forward to learning how I can serve you. If you have questions or can’t find a convenient time on the calendar, please get in touch.