Snuggle Party Tools & Equipment

Downloadable Snuggle Party Tools

Here are some free tools to help you get your ducks in a row for your snuggle party. These are the tools mentioned in the text of The Snuggle Party Guidebook.

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snuggling ducks

Snuggle Party Equipment

Below are links to a few items to make your next snuggle party a hit. Some of them are affiliate links, which may help to keep this site running.

Pointers and tips on selecting various types of snuggle party equipment, ranging from padding to lighting, are included in The Snuggle Party Guidebook.

Padding to Snuggle & Cuddle On

Below are options ranging from less than $40 to well over $100, depending upon your budget and how much you plan to snuggle. The Cuddle Mattress is significantly more expensive, but is also intended for sleeping on every night.

Cuddle Mattress

Everlast Folding Exercise Mat 72-Inch by 24-Inch (Black)

Sunny Health & Fitness Tri-Fold Exercise Mat

Insta Raised Queen Bed with Never Flat Pump

Coleman 120V Electric Quick Pump, Colors May Vary (for air mattresses that don’t come with a pump)

Lighting for a Cuddle or a Snuggle Party

The prices on these can vary greatly by season, so check them at different times of the year if you’re on a tight budget. While I’m fond of LED bulbs as replacements for standard light bulbs, I’ve found some of the LED bulbs to be a bit harsh and “flickery.” Because of that, I recommend buying such lights somewhere where they’re easy to return or try out before you purchase.

Waterproof Copper Wire Starry String Fairy Lights

Christmas Light Set, Blue, 100 Mini Lights

Snuggle & Cuddle Pillows & Covers

You probably already have a few pillows around the house, but these can add even more fun and character.

Let’s Snuggle 18×18 inch Throw Pillow Cover

Let’s Cuddle 12×20 inch Pillow Cover

Heart Pillow

Faux Fur Animal Print Throw Pillow Leopard