More Than a Sidewalk to Sleep On

How would your life transform if you fully realized your wealth?

A life coach who often helps others to experience more gratitude, Dave Wheitner sees room for more thankfulness in his own life. During a period of major life transition, he faces common fears about money, wealth, and financial security in an unlikely way.

Wheitner takes to the city streets, speaking with dozens of homeless and financially limited people. He offers each one a few dollars and an unusual request: to jot down 10 things for which they are grateful on a small stack of note cards.

This book shares with you more than 500 of their gratitudes, and more than 50 inspiring photos that represent them.

Often uplifting, sometimes saddening, and always eye opening, the pages beg an important question:

If those who have so little can express such gratitude, why do you and I often struggle to be thankful?

Included are ideas for using the book and gratitude to enhance your life and relationships.

Whether kept as a reflective tool on your bookshelf or as a conversational piece on your coffee table, More Than a Sidewalk to Sleep On provides powerful reminders to keep each day in perspective.

Photo & Quote Excerpts

Jack, age 56

“I’m not out to harm anyone.” I am grateful for: suffering, happiness, food, drink, God…

Shawn, age 40

“I have two college degrees.” I am grateful for: family, friendships, health, busses…

Sally, age 48

“I’m loving and caring.” I am grateful for: Jesus Christ, my dog precious, my two boys, the air I breathe…

Byron, age 22

“I’m fighting cancer.” I’m grateful for: God, music, sleeping, my daughter’s angel…

Mark, age 51

“I have a sense of humor.” I am grateful for: friends, my girlfriend, life, family (even though I don’t get along with them)…

View Sample Pages from the Book*

(pdf format): Byron | Tonya | Jack | Tawanda | Chaz | Leif

*Right2DreamToo, mentioned in at least one of the pages, is an urban tent village in a parking lot where some of the individuals sought shelter.

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A Note on Religion and Spirituality

Many of the gratitudes include references to God or a higher power, and many are specifically Christian. While very spiritual, I do not adhere to a specific organized religion, and find value in elements of several traditions.

As each of us is on our own unique spiritual path, I believe in honoring a diversity of beliefs. This includes the beliefs of both readers and respondents.

In balance, I have left responses in their original form, while also including some imagery representative of several religious and spiritual philosophies. As you reflect upon the gratitudes, I encourage you to substitute whatever source of spiritual energy resonates with you.