The Snuggle Party Guidebook


A life where nourishing, platonic physical affection is readily available beyond romantic relationships.

A life where you resonate with friends on a deeper heartfelt level.

Hopefully this will one day be available to everyone.

You can enjoy this revolution right now.

Snuggle events changed Dave Wheitner’s life. During a challenging time, he found support among a long-established community of cuddling experts.

No one had written down their collective wisdom to share with the world. With their help, he created this award-winning resource.

Enter The Snuggle Party Guidebook. Whether you just want more physical affection or wish to become a professional cuddler, you’ll find valuable information.

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In just a few weeks, you can be hosting platonic touch-positive events, enjoying warmer friendships, and creating a supportive tribe. 

A Wealth of Snuggle Secrets

The Snuggle Party Guidebook gives you many valuable tools:

  • activities and guidance for communicating boundaries around touch, and for establishing consent around physical intimacy
  • tips for addressing sexuality, gender, couples/dating, and cultural diversity
  • concepts and resources also relevant to one-on-one snuggling, cuddle coaching or consulting, and snuggle therapy, should you choose to branch out in other directions
  • ways platonic snuggling can complement and enhance romantic relationships

  • tips on how to recruit other snugglers and create your own touch-positive tribe, even if you’re shy
  • 25 fun touch-positive games and activities to introduce others to snuggling and cuddling, co-authored with Amy Baker of Envision Arts Studio
  • ideas and tools for creating a safe, comfortable snuggling environment
  • pointers on self-care and getting support, such as money and volunteers
  • strategies for managing even some of the less common dynamics of snuggle parties and cuddle events

2015 Indie Book Awards Finalist, Relationships

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Praise for The Snuggle Party Guidebook

Far more than an excellent and thorough guidebook. It is an inspirational work that opens delightful pathways to intimacy with oneself and others. I loved how it offers healing from limiting stereotypical gender roles, and the accompanying photos always brought a smile to my face. Don’t miss this book!

Karla Baur, M.S.W.
Karla Baur, M.S.W.
sex therapist and co-author of Our Sexuality, the most widely adopted college sexuality textbook in the U.S.

Want more friendly nurturing touch in your life? Dave’s book can show you how to get started – and Dave, can I come to one of your snuggle parties?

As a Professional Cuddler, I am so proud of the concepts of non-sexual touch in this book. With the tools here, anyone can master touch and improve their life in a simple but profound way.

An easy to use guidebook on how to run snuggle events as well as a gentle description of the importance of touch for all of us. I recommend it highly!

I’m convinced that our culture’s explosion of addiction is directly tied to a massive shortage of opportunities for consensual and loving touch. Snuggle Party is simply code for pop-up clinic for the soul.

Buster Ross
Buster Ross, M.A.
AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor

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The Snuggle Party Guidebook

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Even More Praise from Readers

Here’s the word from the streets on The Snuggle Party Guidebook.

I believe this book is on the leading edge of a quiet revolution in how people relate to one another.

– K.A. Klepper 

I was struck by how simple the author makes it all, laying out all the planning details in easy to follow ways. I would highly recommend this book if you or anyone you know is looking for ways to connect more deeply with your friends.

– A. Crockett  

Exactly what I needed! I’ve heard of this concept, and wanted to start something up in my area. The perfect step-by-step guide to creating a healthy and safe environment for adding more touch into our lives. An easy read, interspersed with humor and cute drawings, and flows nicely.

– “Jaye” 

It thoroughly covers the issues over which I had overt or subconscious concerns. I especially appreciated the section on consent, which offered me vocabulary for knowing what I want and how to get just that. Absolutely 5 stars.

– Anna Reedy 

The practices and way of being that are presented in this book…have impacted my life greatly and helped to open me to connection and courage.

– F. Joseph Von Hoven 

Your book has been a thoroughly helpful resource to me. It’s allowed me to bring the life-changing experience of snuggle parties to my friends…even when my own experience with attending them was limited. Through these parties, I have turned so many sustained acquaintanceships into friendships…in a way that we could never achieve through any other form of social interaction. I can’t thank you enough…I’m eager for everyone to have the opportunity to experience what I have.

– Fei Wyatt 


I want to enjoy more nourishing touch.

The Snuggle Party Guidebook

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Team Bios

Learn more about some of the groovy people who influenced and contributed to The Snuggle Party Guidebook.

Dave Wheitner
Amy Baker
Bob Czimbal
Jas Davis
Ashley (Jack) Ohana
Kristen Reynolds
Stara Shakti
Maggie Zadikov