The Snuggle Party Guidebook Wins an Award

The 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards have recognized The Snuggle Party Guidebook as a Finalist. It received this honor in the competitive Relationships category.

As the Indie Book Awards is the largest not-for-profit awards program for independent publishers, and many, many books are considered each year, this is quite exciting.

I should say it a bit differently:

This is quite exciting!!! 

Ah, that felt better.

While a number of people have already raved about the book, some have spoken out against it or even rated it poorly without even reading it, seemingly because they didn’t understand the overall concept or were fearful of something different.

There are elements of the book that challenge social programming and are intended to push growth edges for courageous readers. The book is meant to transform you, and that’s not always entirely comfortable at first. My books, like my coaching, are for those of you actively seeking new and better ways to do things, ways that may ultimately make you much happier.

Perhaps the endorsement of experts of examine many outstanding books each year will lend The Snuggle Party Guidebook additional credibility. Because the book conveys many important concepts about touch, intimacy, and social attitudes surrounding these topics, I hope this attention helps it to reach many more people.

A huge congratulations and much gratitude to the numerous people who influenced the creation of this resource. This especially includes three of the people who were involved most directly, and whose names also appear on the book’s cover and title page:

  • James “Jas” Davis, who penned the foreword, provided much helpful feedback, and helped to catalyze some of the earliest organized snuggle events
  • Kristen Reynolds, who provided the snuggly animal drawings, provided extensive feedback, and helped to develop a number of important concepts in the book
  • Amy Baker, who co-authored the chapter with 25 connective games and activities, adapting many fun activities from her play in the improv community, and also provided helpful feedback

snuggle-party-guidebook-cvrfr-v2-200pxwd-72dp-75qOthers include, but are not limited to, Bob Czimbal, Maggie Zadikov, Stara Shakti, and Jack Ohana.

The broad range of knowledge conveyed in the book has developed over many years of community interaction and involvement, through many people. I’ve simply helped to develop and synthesize it a bit more. I’m honored to help pay it forward, and to share some of it with you in this format.

Many thanks to all of you who have already helped to spread the word, kindly provided reviews, and so on!

Read more about The Snuggle Party Guidebook.

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