Sex in a Sustainable World Part 7: Fantasy Girl Giveaway Competition

This week I’m adding a fun change in pace to the discussion of heavy topics, and inviting your participation. I’d like you to help me celebrate the completion of two works that help to promote a more sex-positive culture: the dance single “Fantasy Girl” (your feedback welcome!) and The Vegan Chocolate Seduction Cookbook.

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I’ll select a winner to receive two hard copies of Vegan Chocolate Seduction: one for yourself, and one to give to your valentine! Second place will win one hard copy. If I’m unable to decide between several, I’ll use a random number generator or coin toss.

While the single’s album cover illustrates what might be categorized as stereotypical sexiness, fantasy girls can take many forms. It’s often incorrectly assumed that those of us who are older, larger, or have children are no longer sexual beings; or if we are, it’s more likely to be frowned upon or seen as “dirty.”

There are two different ways to enter, via a comment on this post or the corresponding Facebook post by 11:59 PM Eastern (UTC -5) February 4, 2012. Winners announced via my comments at each location by Feb. 6.

Option 1, if you’re a woman: Briefly describe what top 3 characteristics you believe make you sexy, i.e., the ideal fantasy girl.

Option 2, if you’re attracted to women (regardless of your own gender): Briefly describe what top 3 qualities define your ideal fantasy girl.

A few important ground rules:

If giving physical descriptions, please use proper non-slang terms, e.g., penis, vagina, breast, butt, anus. Also, while it’s fine to reference sexually-oriented acts that turn you on, please no detailed descriptions of them. I’d like to promote a sex-positive culture, but have no intention of competing with pornography sites.

While it’s fine to include physical features, especially if they don’t fit societal stereotypes, I’m looking mainly for things beyond the obvious–mannerisms, talents, personality traits, and so on. And don’t just go with the societal norms. If there’s something quirky about you or your fantasy girl that you believe is sexy–even if it isn’t broadly recognized as such–let the world know! Maybe someone else with that quirk will read your entry, and it will inspire them to let their quirks shine more boldly!

I reserve the right to remove anything that might be deemed as sexist, racist, exploitative, or otherwise hurtful to others at my own discretion.

And yes, it’s perfectly fine if your fantasy girl description pertains to a real-life partner. Good way to earn brownie points. 🙂

Have fun!

See all posts in this series.


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  1. I understand it takes a bit of courage to enter something like this; perhaps we’ll try something different in the future!

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