Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously: Bathroom Talent Show

If you have overachiever tendencies as I do, you probably suffer from “taking yourself too seriously” syndrome. For most of your life, your identity has been based upon judgments of success or failure, and what you’ve produced.

You often project an air of confidence, ability, and know-how. You can take on difficult tasks. You’re the one who thinks about the serious problems. Everyone around you probably knows that, even though you feel that you need to keep on proving it to the world.

But relying too heavily upon one aspect of your identity can get tiring after a while. I go through this, as do some of my coaching clients. It’s important to find different ways to connect.

So how can you let loose? How can you keep from getting too caught up in the work, the worrying, the planning?

One way is to have a bathroom talent show.

Yep, a bathroom talent show.

You don’t even need any friends or an audience to do it. You can do it on your own. You can be the emcee, the performer, and the audience.

You can wear regular clothes, or you can dress in a relatively silly way as I have. The costume helped me to get in a more playful and lighthearted mood, following a very serious week.

The bass notes I’m humming alongside the drumbeat might not come through on a laptop. But if you decide to cruise down the street blasting it through a large subwoofer setup, it might attract some attention.

Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously: Bathroom Talent Show

Consider a talent that you don’t share that often, or have pushed aside for a while, but that you really enjoy. (Rediscovering old talents can also help with clarifying purpose.)

I decided to beatbox and do a bit of dancing, because I’ve beatboxed from an early age and I enjoy ecstatic dance. Also, I wanted to play with a few common stereotypes: that folks over 40 can’t act a little sexy, and that men aren’t allowed to move their hips when they dance.

Maybe you play an instrument, juggle, or do Tuvan throat singing. Just playing music and dancing to it in the mirror can be fun.

I don’t advise hooping or fire spinning in the bathroom, though. Unless your bathroom is really large.

I also don’t suggest placing guitar amps near water sources.

You’re not required to record your performance like I did. I recorded mine just to break the ice and get the ball rolling. I hope that my own silliness gives you permission to do the same.

Have fun!

If you decide to do something playful, I welcome you to share about it in the comments page here, on one of my Facebook pages (Wheitner Authentic Living or Dave Wheitner), or anywhere on Facebook using #bathroomtalentshow.

If you record your performance and wish to share it with the world, I’d love to see it. I’d also enjoy hearing what the experience was like for you!

In case you happen to enjoy vocal percussion, here’s a short video of me beatboxing a little more seriously.

Dave Beatboxing Shower Acoustics Test

I hope this post has made your day feel a little bit brighter, and your load feel a little bit lighter.

Dave welcomes phone-based life, career, and transition coaching clients from around the world.

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