Naked Idealism for Organizational Leaders

Over the last few years, “sustainable organization” has become a common buzzphrase. This makes sense, as more and more value-based consumers are shifting their dollars to companies who are making an honest effort to improve the planet. Those who fail to adapt to market segments with psychographic profiles such as LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) will ultimately be left behind.

Sustainability goes far beyond production processes or materials. It also includes the quality of life of employees, cultural aspects of the organization, and a holistic view that extends well beyond cubicle or factory walls. Many of the steps your company can take to improve sustainability will also have other benefits for your company. And if you already manage a socially/ecologically conscious organization, it may be time to take it to the next step, by supporting and growing your talent on a deeper level. Naked Idealism discusses topics linked to the following:

  • When your employees have more balanced lives, and when they feel fulfilled, they will engage in less environmentally and socially destructive behavior. Additionally, they will be more productive and efficient at their everyday tasks, improving your financial bottom line.
  • When your employees feel balanced and fulfilled, they’ll stay with you longer, reducing your turnover and training costs and improving your bottom line.
  • When your employees have a better sense of the way in which their everyday work is integrated with their purpose, values, and higher goals, they’ll put more energy into their endeavors, and they’ll be less reactive. If your company is in the position of blazing new trails and creating change, your culture will support the proactive mindset necessary to take on challenges – both on a cerebral and emotional level.
  • When your employees learn to take a more vision-based approach in their own lives, this will likely transfer to the workplace, where they’ll increasingly approach challenges with a “big picture” mentality, and execute your organization’s action steps with more conviction.
  • Acceptance of diversity is another key element of sustainability. When your employees have honestly assessed where they are with regards to “political correctness,” they’ll approach situations involving environmental sustainability and workplace diversity with more integrity. Your workplace culture will become more accepting, and thus more innovative as employees with differences are able to dialog more productively. Your organization will thus better understand and serve the diverse marketplace.

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