Naked Idealism for Human Transformation Professionals

Naked Idealism is a self-empowerment guide for people who seek to reduce the stress in their own lives while increasing authenticity and improving the world. If you are a life coach, executive coach, counselor, therapist, psychiatrist, social worker, teacher, professor, or other human transformation professional, you’ll find the following elements of Naked Idealism valuable:

  • A range of techniques you can use with yourself and your clients on the topics of life purpose, values assessment, strengths identification, goal and action plan creation, and relationship management.
  • Theory and suggestions for addressing some of your own “worldview” components that may stand in the way of relating to some of your clients.
  • Fresh perspective on money and finances, topics which create great stress for many individuals in human transformation professions.
  • Suggestions for bridging the gap between your personal wants/needs and your desire to see change in the world.
  • Mindsets that can help you to avoid burnout and feelings of martyrdom.
  • New ideas regarding the importance and value of human transformation professions.

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