Naked Idealism for Environmentally Conscious People

Wheitner’s pairing of personal growth with environmental activism is quite original.

-Ben Cramer, Pennsylvania Sierra Club

Yes, this is the book with the author wearing a rain water irrigation barrel on the back cover. Naked Idealism supports environmental and ecological sustainability in an uncommon way, by emphasizing the importance of happiness, self-fulfillment, and authenticity.

If you work or volunteer in the environmental arena, or are considering a career in this area, you’ll benefit from NI’s pointers and tools on the following:

  • reducing overwhelm, burnout, and martyrdom
  • being effective while taking ourselves a little less seriously
  • recognizing and reducing attitudes that can cause activist groups to self-sabotage or split into factions, especially as issues such as environmentalism become more “mainstream” and attract people for whom it’s not the primary driving value
  • communicating more effectively with people who think much differently than we do, utilizing knowledge from several fields
  • recognizing cases where being green is still just a need to appear politically correct – and being more authentic ourselves in this area
  • adopting a more proactive vision-based approach in lieu of the reactive fear-based approach so common to fields like environmentalism
  • linking our visions of well-being for the world as a whole to our goals for our personal lives, so we don’t always feel we’re sacrificing one for the other
  • advancing our causes by applying knowledge from the field of social networking
  • considering our attitudes surrounding money and materialism

If you desire a greater sense of direction in life, regardless of whether you’re currently working or volunteering in an environmental field, you’ll appreciate NI’s range of career-related tools for clarifying purpose, values, strengths and career direction. When we’re clearer on what we want in life, we can pursue it more directly, and will probably be much happier. We’re less likely to engage in excessively materialistic (i.e., ecologically destructive) behavior to “fill the void” and ease the pain of our unfulfilled lives.

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