Expanding Our Thanksgivings: A Weekend of Authentic Connection

lost in a sea of shoppers

On the day after Thanksgiving, many Americans climb out of bed extra early, bleary-eyed, to hit the stores. We take on masses of other eager shoppers, seeking sales on everything from televisions to smartphones.

Why do we do this?

Sometimes, whether or not we observe Christmas, we’re just looking to score a good deal on something that we want, on this day of exceptional retailer competition. But often, we’re simply looking to connect with other human beings. Through buying our loved ones the perfect toy, gadget, tool, or item of clothing, we hope to express our affection. When we give a gift, we often hope to get affection in return.

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Sex in a Sustainable World Part 10: Politics of Sex Education & Sexuality Policy

sex education books

We tend to be very uncomfortable addressing topics that involve both kids and sexuality. This includes interactions among children, as well as prevention of inappropriate interactions between adults and children. This discomfort is particularly unfortunate, given the combination of exceptional sexual energy … Read more