A Free Self-Empowerment Book for Your Favorite Naked Idealist

1/8/09 update: The competition is now closed. Congratulations to Pace for winning a copy of Naked Idealism for their friend Nick, via the posting below! If you wish to hear about future offers and competitions, please sign up for the Idealist Coach News/Updates List.

While I was excited to receive some media coverage of my work recently, it inspired me to consider how I am such a small piece of what I do. Sure, I’m always excited to see my name and/or picture in a newspaper, on another blog, etc. “Look! That’s ME!” usually resonates somewhere in the back of my head as I excitedly read through the article a second or third time. However, while I’m a person conveying energy and ideas, the really important piece is what other people actually do with such energy and ideas. In some ways, each of us is merely a conduit for these things that flow between us. And I’m excited to see other people helping to spread some of the concepts.

Another key factor is the inspiration provided by people already leading lives that serve as examples for the rest of us. Some of these people are never recognized by any form of media, or may receive little recognition from the people they’re helping the most.

Thus, I’d like to provide a modest opportunity to recognize someone in your life who already embodies many of the characteristics of a naked idealist, but whom you believe could improve their happiness, authenticity, career, work/life balance, relationships, or impact even further with a self-empowerment guide like Naked Idealism. Tell me about one or two traits of a naked idealist that they already embody, and provide an example or two of how they live the qualities you admire. I’m not looking for anything extremely long – a few sentences or a brief paragraph is fine. If they’re extremely modest and you fear embarrassing them, feel free to use a pseudonym. At some point they may want to drop by this blog and see what you’ve written!

Just post your brief description of their admirable traits as a response to this post. And if you’d secretly like to nominate yourself or have a friend do so, I promise not to send the naked idealist police to your home.

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1 thought on “A Free Self-Empowerment Book for Your Favorite Naked Idealist”

  1. My friend Nick is a naked idealist. He’s going through his Saturn Return and is reinventing himself, digging deep to find his true passions and his core values. It’s causing big changes in his life. He’s calling many aspects of his life into question, including his career and his relationship with his wife. Throughout all of this, he’s taking great care to be fully authentic and true to himself.

    Since he’s only recently begun his quest for self-knowledge and has not yet begun turning it outward into the world, I think he would benefit greatly from learning more about what it means to be a naked idealist.

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