Pittsburgh City Paper “Conversation with Dave Wheitner”

Chris Young from the Pittsburgh City Paper recently interviewed me about my life coaching practice, and how it overlaps with my own vision for a healthy and sustainable world.

There wasn’t really time or space to talk about how healthy lifestyle and leadership fit into the picture, but his story did an excellent job at covering how some of my concerns about the global environment connect with life coaching. If you ever have the opportunity to speak with Chris, you’ll have a lot of fun, as he’ll ask you some great thought-provoking questions.

The only adjustment I’d make to the content is that I don’t “teach” people how to be socially and environmentally conscious as they pursue their goals unless they explicitly request this. I work best with clients whose values already include a desire to contribute to a healthy and sustainable world; and the primary focus is upon guiding them to create the life they want, in a way that honors their unique set of values and priorities. Once we are content and fulfilled in our own lives, then we have more energy to give the world on a larger scale.

Thanks to Chris and the Pittsburgh City Paper for helping to get out the good word!

Also, in the great picture that Heather Mull took of me next to the rainbarrels, you can see the yellow informational sheet I posted for passers-by who are interested in building their own.┬áIf you happen to live in the ‘Burgh and would like that information, here is a copy of the information sheet on Building Your Own Rainbarrels in Pittsburgh. It also includes information on purchasing pre-made rainbarrels from organizations including the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association.

Dave welcomes phone-based life, career, and transition coaching clients from around the world.

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