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intimately holding hands at the ocean

Leveraging Your Intimacy & Desire Strengths: A Merging of Three Models

Do you often find yourself wanting more connection and intimacy in your life, but struggling to create it amidst the complexities of modern life? Do you coach or counsel others on creating more intimacy? If so, you may find this article very useful.

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old and new friends

Shaking Up Life with Unfamiliar People & Places, New & Old

An acquaintance from high school recently posted the following quote on Facebook: “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” I responded, “You know, I’ve been writing a bit on close relationships lately, but hadn’t stopped to consider the important & frequent role that strangers do play in our lives, especially considering that everyone …

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Dave exploring Buckskin Gulch slot canyon

Beauty Born of Desert Storms: Nature’s Analogies for Conscious Relating

I was cycling along the quiet desert highways of southern Utah, beginning with Moab and then visiting five other towns, this week 15 years ago. A team of 25 cyclists pedaled to raise funds and awareness for Habitat for Humanity. Utah included one of the toughest segments of our entire cross-continental journey, 208 miles over …

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Lessons from Addictions Treatment: Environmental Influences & Behavioral Change

Serious and debilitating addictions, i.e., to a physical substance or gambling, should be treated in a therapy setting, not via phone-based coaching. Nonetheless, certain techniques from this field can be applied to a broad range of undesired behaviors. These techniques include recognizing the impacts of one’s environment, and proactively generating strategies for countering and replacing …

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Mansfield News Journal Conversation on Naked Idealism & Life Coaching

Holly Harman Fackler, editor of the new “Community Conversations” section of the Mansfield News Journal, interviewed me recently. Because she covers a range of community and civic engagement issues, the topics of Naked Idealism fit in nicely. We covered a lot of ground including the book, life coaching, authenticity, sustainability, proactive thinking, diversity, self-leadership, and …

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