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bee in window with life coaching lesson to offer

The Bee: Lessons on Overcoming Challenges

Birds and bees can teach us about much more than sex. Honeybees are amazing creatures, with impressive organizational and navigational capabilities. However, like humans, they sometimes get stumped. When I came downstairs to fix lunch today, I heard a loud buzzing in the dining room. The rear glass sliding door was open to let in some …

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infant bundled in pouch

Lessons for Recovering Overachievers & Perfectionists, from an Infant

Four years ago today, I experienced one of the scariest and most exciting nights of my life. A three-month-old infant girl arrived at our house. I was scared out of my mind. My ex-partner and I had agreed to try foster parenting together, and after several months of preparation including a number of foster parenting courses …

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Exploring Masculinity: Thoughts on “Dear Woman” and Will Ferrell Spoof

Our views on gender impact our ability to maintain sustainability, peace, and meaningful relationships with one another. Whatever our own gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, attraction, or preferred relationship structure (see the Genderbread Person graphic for an excellent illustration of all these), we’re all affected to some degree by our societal programming in this …

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lightning storm

Enjoying Life’s Storms Through a Child’s Eyes

I was recently driving to visit family a few hours away with our 21-month-old foster daughter. About halfway into our drive, we encountered one of the most intense summer downpours and lightning displays I had witnessed in years. The skies were exceptionally dark, and very heavy rains began to fall. The radio sounded with the …

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old and new friends

Shaking Up Life with Unfamiliar People & Places, New & Old

An acquaintance from high school recently posted the following quote on Facebook: “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” I responded, “You know, I’ve been writing a bit on close relationships lately, but hadn’t stopped to consider the important & frequent role that strangers do play in our lives, especially considering that everyone …

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