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bee in window with life coaching lesson to offer

The Bee: Lessons on Overcoming Challenges

Birds and bees can teach us about much more than sex. Honeybees are amazing creatures, with impressive organizational and navigational capabilities. However, like humans, they sometimes get stumped. When I came downstairs to fix lunch today, I heard a loud buzzing in the dining room. The rear glass sliding door was open to let in some …

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infant bundled in pouch

Lessons for Recovering Overachievers & Perfectionists, from an Infant

Four years ago today, I experienced one of the scariest and most exciting nights of my life. A three-month-old infant girl arrived at our house. I was scared out of my mind. My ex-partner and I had agreed to try foster parenting together, and after several months of preparation including a number of foster parenting courses …

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writing card or letter with gratitudes

Gratitude Letters or Cards: An Easy, Thoughtful, Intimate Last-Minute Gift

Are you having difficulty finding a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion gift? Try writing a short gratitude letter or card. This is a great gift not only for a relative, friend, or significant other, but also for an employee, supervisor, or co-worker. It doesn’t need to be perfect prose; all that’s needed is a list …

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Columbia River Gorge from Beacon Rock

Health Benefits of Nature & the Outdoors: Ecotherapy & Ecocoaching

Do you want to have more movement your life, lower your stress levels, enhance mindfulness and concentration, and experience more connection? Getting out into nature, and really taking the time to experience it, has many benefits. Ecotherapy, discussed lightheartedly in the below video from The Atlantic, is just one way of doing this. For a number of years, professionals …

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harsh elements can produce beauty

When Several Harsh Elements Greet Us at Once

Life occasionally throws several seemingly undesirable things our way, seemingly all at once. It can be very uncomfortable in the moment. I don’t enjoy being outdoors during storms where wind, rain, and cold air combine to form an icy, skin-nipping chatter of harsh elements. Even a short jog or walk in such weather can feel much longer than it …

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