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bee in window with life coaching lesson to offer

The Bee: Lessons on Overcoming Challenges

Birds and bees can teach us about much more than sex. Honeybees are amazing creatures, with impressive organizational and navigational capabilities. However, like humans, they sometimes get stumped. When I came downstairs to fix lunch today, I heard a loud buzzing in the dining room. The rear glass sliding door was open to let in some …

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social networking diagram

Successful Social Networking for Life Transitions: Malcolm Gladwell Meets Stephen Post

Social networking is often an important component of major life transitions, and is thus a topic I often cover with my life and career coaching clients. Just as Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Reiter suggest that What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, the people who helped us get here may not be the same …

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Workplace Overachieving & Martyrdom: Time for a Job or Career Transition?

Many people currently spend each day in workplaces with heightened levels of uncertainty, wondering if they’ll still have their job in another month. This can result in increased challenges with work-life balance, and possibly even questions as to whether a job or career change may be in order. When discussing the pitfalls of competition, I …

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Wayne Dyer, Lil’ Wayne, & the 38th Verse of the Tao: Unleash Your Inner Gangsta

When you’re actively seeking it, inspiration for life coaching, career and transition coaching, and everyday living comes from many places. Given my own “music composer” side, I tuned in to Katie Couric’s recent Grammy Awards special where she interviewed several popular music stars. Among them was Lil’ Wayne, a hip-hop/rap artist known for his fiercely …

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Writing Your Inaugural Address for Your Next Life Transition

As we consider the 2009 presidential inauguration ceremony for Barack Obama, we can develop tools for personal life transitions. Inauguration, as defined by Merriam-Webster, means “to induct into office with suitable ceremonies,” “to dedicate ceremoniously, or “to bring about the beginning of.” Wikipedia describes an inauguration as “a formal ceremony to mark the beginning of …

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