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Mansfield News Journal Conversation on Naked Idealism & Life Coaching

Holly Harman Fackler, editor of the new “Community Conversations” section of the Mansfield News Journal, interviewed me recently. Because she covers a range of community and civic engagement issues, the topics of Naked Idealism fit in nicely. We covered a lot of ground including the book, life coaching, authenticity, sustainability, proactive thinking, diversity, self-leadership, and the overlaps between individual and community-level mindset. We even covered a few “frequently asked questions” I receive, such as the differences between life coaching and therapy.

Having grown up in Mansfield, Ohio, I had a lot of fun speaking with Holly. She also invited readers to respond to the “Write Your Future Biography” exercise from Naked Idealism, designed to get people thinking about hobbies, career, family, friends and other important elements of life. Such visualization can inspire us to take action on life transitions sooner than anticipated. I’m sure she’d love to hear from you! Of course, you’re welcome to post your future biography here as well, as I’d enjoy reading it. (The exercise is included alongside the news article.)

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